About us


Oilskip was established in 2003 out of the need in the market for effective waste solution management as well as a cost-effective means for disposing of waste in a manner that is environmentally friendly and also affordable to business.

Oilskip removes harmful waste materials & through different processes recycles for using those materials which can be re-used in the application for energy production and ensures that no harmful waste products are dumped into the environment.

Oilskip at first focussed mainly on liquid waste generated by the petroleum, industrial and mining industries, but has since evolved into a total waste management service company.

Strategy & Mission

Oilskip’s vision is to provide the necessary processes in order to protect our environment from pollution and degeneration in order for future generations to be able to enjoy & live in our beautiful world.

The means of achieving this is through continuous enhancement of our waste disposal processes & providing cost-effective solutions to organisations that through their production processes generate waste that is harmful to the environment. Our focus is on changing harmful waste into reusable energy sources that will assist in reducing power usage and so also benefit the environment. In order for this to materialise, we work to exceptionally high standards & values that provide our customers with the assurance that they are served with integrity and excellent performance in all spheres of waste management. Our goal is to be able to provide effective & complete waste management solutions for all harmful waste products at the most cost-effective means possible in order to allow businesses to grow without the environment having to suffer for it.

This can only be achieved if the company stays ahead of the ever-changing need for cleaner and more effective waste management solutions It is for this reason that Oilskip is continually doing research and development to find the best solutions in all spheres of waste management. The company’s growth is dependent on our ability to adjust to the ever-changing market and to adapt our processes and systems accordingly.