Products & Services

Oilskip transforms harmful waste materials into re-usable energy producing materials by processes of separation & blending. We are also developing new methods and equipment in order to burn waste materials without polluting the environment.

Our services include

Waste Disposal

Removal and disposing of harmful waste.

Supply Fuels and Lubricants

Supplying new materials, fuels and lubricants to the industry according to government regulations.

Bio-diesel Production

Production and supply of Bio-diesel.

Cooking Oil Collection

Collection of used cooking oil. ( Sunflower, Canola, Palm etc.)

Motor Oil Collection

Collection of used motor, hydraulic, gear and transformer oils.

Waste Management

Total waste management services.

Every waste removal is documented and the client will be provided with a  regulatory Waste Manifest Document.  Every transaction is scrutinized and audited to ensure full accountability at the highest levels.

Oilskip provides a comprehensive solution to waste management with the view to make your waste fuels etc. that has value, pay for the disposal of the waste that is costly to dispose of safely according to government rules and regulations.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Posted on April 20th, 2016

Keep Cooking Fats, Oils, and Grease Out of Your Sink!

Even if hot water is running and the cooking fats, oils, and grease is liquid when it goes down the drain, cooking oils and fats solidify as soon as they reach cold pipes. Cities and homeowners spend thousands of rands on resulting sewer clogs. It’s illegal to put liquids into the garbage, and used cooking oil can be recycled into bio-fuel! Instead of dumping it down the drain, put your cooking oil, no matter how small the amount into a container, and store until its convenient for you to drop off at our facility.

When you have used oil or grease to dispose of (perhaps after deep-frying your turkey or other foods), please bring it to our facility so it can be recycled properly. We and the environment thank you.